Why you SHOULD Physically STAY AWAY from US (Doctors)

Dear Members,

Yesterday Chancellor Angela Merkel was Quarantined after meeting with a Doctor earlier!!

More cases of Doctors and medical personnels getting infected are rising and we are not in the peak of the curve yet.

Doctors right now are a very high risk group to be avoided at all costs except for major and compelling reasons. Only do so when the benefit of seeing us outweighs the risk of a Corona infection, and the only reason for that would be, if you are getting critical with symptoms that can't be managed at home and that need hospital support. And we will guide you on whether or not any symptom is critical.

Some of our patients here at Revive Medical are also developing symptoms and are on a monitored plan, this is why we are working around the clock as we speak. This virus is more common than you think and could be anywhere.

As Anticipated, Corona cases are increasing, as of yesterday, 33 new cases and 4 deaths. with a mean age of 51-80 years old.

The progress in this infection curve shows we are still heading to the peaking zone as we mentioned over and over again, if this keeps on going the doubling will start in a week or so.

Full Quarantine is a must right now, please stay at home and use your virtual platform, we are always here for videos and texts. We have also noticed how there is a lot of demand on the internet connection nowadays with more people working/spending time at home. let me reassure you that we will not run out of ways to be reachable, our concierge is working around the clock and operating remotely, we are taking all calls and offering admin and medical support.

Again as a support, we created a virtual care plan, we opened our platform to non members for the time being for a one time consult or monitoring for patients with suspicious symptoms or concerns. We are also thinking of your children, and for the time being we are providing consults for the Pediatric population, this is especially helpful for high risk parents who can not take their children to the Doctor.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.

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