Why We changed all our follow ups to virtual

Dear Members,

I hope you are doing ok, social distancing yet remotely connecting. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been advising all our patients to change their follow ups to virtual, the reason is, since we primarily cater to the chronic disease population, then we need very strict measure to protect you and any possibility of infection.

The most vulnerable population for vital compromise if infected with Covid-19 occurs is chronic disease patients and individuals above 60. The diagram attached shows you the percentage of early rate fatality in hospitals, and it goes like this:

1- Cardiovascular Disease patients: this is any heart disease, or ischemic disease or blood vessels disease.

2- Diabetes patients

3- Patients with lung diseases, including asthma, chronic obstructive disease (all smokers have a degree of this) and anything that really compromises the lung function, since this is a respiratory virus.

4- Patients with High blood pressure (Hypertensive)

It does not matter if the disease is controlled or not, it is about how your body is already dealing with a lot before having to deal with the virus attack.

As of Yesterday we have changed all our follow ups to virtual to protect our patients, in certain cases when a physical is needed and is urgent, we have very strict protocols of infection control and will only see one patient a day. we are also available around the clock on text and video consult, our concierge is operational remotely and non of your care will be interrupted.

We will send some advice tomorrow on first aid Medicine kit that you need to have at home the coming period.

Please stay Home and stay safe.

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