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Dear Members,

Hope you are all staying home and staying safe, i want to share here with you the most common questions we get repetitively and answer them here, please feel free to share, our blog posts are open for the public.

1- How long is this going to last?

No one knows, experts estimate in high rate countries like the US and UK that it might take 3-6 months before life can start functioning at least partially normal. Here in Egypt we have not reached the spike yet, so we can not know, however, countries are trying to work on other options in case no treatment appears soon, such as certificate of immunities which Germany thinks would be a good idea with the availability of antibodies tests now in the markets. what this means is, trying to only isolate those who are critical and those who did not have it, and anyone who did and recovered is allowed to go back to run the Economic wheel.

2- Egyptian's immunity is strong and thats why we did not spike?

This could be a factor (albeit no evidence to support it) also the warmer temperatures could also be a factor but also no evidence, what is sure working is social distancing letting the rise of cases to be a bit controlled but we starting noticing increase in the daily new cases, it was 69 new yesterday with a total of 779 cases. however, we are also noticing sporadic cases starting to arise and a complete down on some villages, we also have some colleagues infected who were unaware and treating patients for sometime before they developed symptoms

3- Is a treatment coming out soon?

We hope, but only two companies have their medicines in phase 3 clinical trials (there are 4) usually phase 3 takes from 1-4 years but with the current circumstances we are guessing positive outcomes will have regulators and health authorities release them early, all the medications in phase 3 trials are anti virals, one company (Gilead) has one anti viral in trial Remdisivir and the other (Abbvie) has a combo of antivirals (lopinavir/ritonavir) in trial. These are not new medications but showed some positive effect on critical patients in China

4- Is a vaccine coming out soon?

No vaccines can take up to 10 years but with the current pressure it would lessen to 12-18 months, still this is a long time.

5- Does Hydroxychloroquine treat Covid-19?

Again it was given to critical cases and showed some positive results, the tricky thing with this is you do not know if the patients recovered coz they were gonna recover anyway or due to the intervention, this is why you always need a control group to compare to and this is how we do clinical trials, however more studies (observational) showed that it makes no difference in clinical outcomes for patients with covid 19 but one company (Sanofi) will put it into a clinical trial but it is still in the preclinical phase

6-What should i do if i get sick while am quarantining with my family?

if this happens, you need to self isolate within your family, so a separate room, bathroom, utensils and wear a mask during any interaction

7-What medications should i have in handy in case i develop symptom?

you need symptomatic drugs, so panadol, congestal, cold and flu meds in general, broad spectrum antibiotics in case of secondary bacterial infection like Augmentin, Zithromax and Tavanic (do not take without your doctor check first) and vitamin C

8- Should i take a cough medicine?

Only if this is allowed by your doctor as some cough medications suppress the cough which we would need to know first what type of cough is it and consequently what type of cough suppressants you need, also sometimes a cough is an indication to investigate further (again depends on context)

Hope this helps and please feel free to reach out directly on my provider account for general questions regarding this post

9- What about the Antibody test?

These tests are now here in Egypt, and they reflect past infection, they could be useful if there was a collective decision on assigning people to a certificate of immunity as Germany proposed or if you wanna know for sure that cold you had a while back was covid or not, but it is not for diagnosis on its own, you need the clinical picture, blood work, chest imaging...etc.

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