Ramadan Kareem and more Qs and As on whats happening

Dear Members,

Ramadan Kareem, may this month be an inspiring, detoxing and rebooting on all aspects of your health and being.

It is strange for sure to experience Ramadan in such circumstances but as i always emphasize, the smartest thing anyone can do right now is to accept, observe and be curious. Be curious on things you discover about your self, be curious about your lifestyle set up, about your priorities and mostly how the world is changing.

Do not forget that change is slow and is only picked up, seen and prepared for by those who observe and by the curious minds. if you are going on it day by day without pausing and understanding, it will creep up on you and you will suddenly be at the receiving end of a different world.

I have been getting many questions lately on, what should we do when we see a lot of people around fed up and wanting to go back to normal, and i always say, there is no going back to the old normal, a new normal will prevail. I like to use an example that many can relate to, Corona virus pandemic is a global disruptive event and even if we are not as hit as the rest of the world yet (hopefully never) the change is already happening and just like it took us time for the infection to come to our continent, it will take time for those changes to be obvious but they are coming. thinking of going back to normal, is exactly like being in a relationship that ended for obvious reasons and that is unhealthy in many ways but we go back because we romanticize about the normal. little do we know that the normal is not there.

Now i am sharing with you the most common questions we get from everyone recently

Now how should life look like in Ramadan?

life should be more focused on you and your family's health and safety, i would still advice on avoiding socialization and big Ramadan invites, especially if you have a known chronic condition (90% of our members do).

If the Government is optimistic enough to start stretching curfew and opening malls why shouldn't we?

we are all pro optimism but we are also pro safety, you need to understand that the government is in a very tricky position, the balance between economic health vs population health is very difficult and requires frequent revisits and redirection. If you ask any doctor about this decision you will not hear an optimistic answer, i mean why should we when we still see cases on the rise, increase in numbers of doctors infected daily, no wide testing plan, no vaccine and no treatment. Our analysis as doctors for this decision, is that the government does have room to loosen up a bit, give the economy a breather and bet on herd immunity while staying alert for rise in cases.

A very important phrase was said by the PM yesterday, expect more and more cases of more than 200 daily, this is a strong statement especially when followed with opening things up a bit, it captures what we explained above regarding the government contradicting decision

But you are a different story, you are not the government and you do not have to choose between your economic status and life and so based on your own risk assessment (very different from a ruling entity) then YES you should stay at home at least until there are known public protocols in place for going back to daily things but with a different look and feel that ensures your safety.

Why should i lock myself in during the most social month of the year when we do not have a lot of cases and also 80% of people have mild and asymptotic disease?

who said we do not have a lot of cases? maybe we do not have a lot of cases coming forward, we do not have a lot of cases needing hospitals, but if the cases coming forward and getting exposed are increasing daily (over 200 new cases daily) and if the death rate is high compared to cases admitted and if we have medical facilities announced with positive cases frequently, then for sure our blind spot on the curve is huge.

80% yes are mild or asymptomatic but again, you are in a different risk group, any chronic condition puts you at high risk, going through such an infection will be a very tough process and will be associated with unwanted risks, pains and high mortality.

What if i will be visiting family that i know absolutely for sure have been in complete quarantine like myself?

If you are absolutely sure then it should be safe, but by absolutely i mean, non of them still goes to work from office and mingles with people, non of them have daily workers riding transportation and coming to help with household and non of them is inviting outside guests to the Iftar. rule of thumb would be, if you are more than 4 individuals, its very difficult to practice distancing while in the same room and sharing the same food.

How can i handle anxiety from uncertainty and dealing with homeschooling everyday?

Despite sounding redundant, mediation, prayers and mindfulness is the best approach for this, however, to be honest we might need much more than this nowadays, we got your back on that and we have a mental health expert on board who you can schedule on line appointments with.

Ill be sharing more questions and updates and always

Have a lovely first Iftar and Blessed Ramadan

Dr. Elnazer

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