Pandemic! what worries us and what we are doing about it

Dear Members,

We are in a state of a Pandemic as declared by the WHO, while this comes as no surprise, it does shift the goal of prevention and heighten the precautions needed. In Pandemics the shifts of Governments and Health Authorities shift from trying to contain the virus to trying to decrease the rate of transmission. In our last blog post, we stated clearly that it is very likely we all get infected at some point, this is not a pessimistic look but a data driven statistical probability.

What you must understand is that in the current situation, the biggest threat is not the fatality of the virus but the risk of the fall of medical establishments and resources. This is why smart governments who do not have vast resources as China does, do not go around testing everyone but rather creates primary measures of support and self quarantine and provide clear steps on what to do next. But as an individual, you are very much the primary driver of your own health preservation and fate.

What Worries Us in Egypt:

1- We do not want people to panic but we want them to take this seriously, from the looks of it, we as a nation are not taking this serious enough, and sadly this is what happened in Italy. All health authorities advice on social distancing and self quarantine were totally ignored. And look at Italy now, the medical establishment is falling apart, and medical teams are forced to deal with the situation like it was a war where patients are triaged into who gets treated and who is left to face their fate. Sadly, if we do not act, we can get there very soon.

2- Numbers of cases discovered daily, coincidentally and in unusual places is a confirmation that we have much more cases than anticipated, and this is honestly expected, because governments can't deal with Corona like other diseases and go around testing everyone, so we can not know the numbers for sure, bit from the look of it, there is many walking around.

3- The first Corona death in Egypt happened in Dakahleya which again confirms spread beyond knowledge in other cities and provinces

4- The seriousness of the situation seem to be taken way lightly by us Egyptians, and while our take it easy attitude and sense of humor is something we love, but it could also be the number 1 reason we might end up like Italy

5- Patients above 60 years old are of much concern to us, coz all data shows this is the age group that is most vulnerable and this disease is lethal to them

6- Chronic disease patients are the highest risk as well after the elderly , and since most of, if not all, our patients are chronic disease patients, then we are really full heartedly worried about all our patients

which brings us to the next point

What are we doing about it?

1- We urge everyone and we mean everyone, regardless of health status and age to apply social distancing, avoid crowded areas, social gatherings and events, seeing people crowd themselves in the supermarket prior to the storm this weekend had me really cringe

2- Stay at home as much as possible and do not go out unless you absolutely have to

3- Lucky for you, all your follow ups can be done virtually via the video consults on your app, you can also ask any questions through text consults (most of our patients do anyway)

4- We are expanding our virtual visits as much as possible, advising patients not to come in except if they really need to, we will also expand our text consults to cover weekend questions and concerns that are urgent and pertaining to any Corona related symptoms. All lab work, prescriptions, payments and renewals can be done for you on line

5- We expanded our already strict sanitation procedures, encouraging patients to hand sanitize once they come in at the check in bench, we also started using only disposable paper cups and got rid of glass & mugs for now. we also started implementing infection control procedure after every visit as opposed to twice times a day per protocol

6- We are releasing very soon a remote care plan for individuals who do not have their own doctor, where they can use our telemedicine platform for health questions about symptoms and prevention advice, this is also useful to know when you need to self quarantine as opposed to head to the hospital, and while you're in self quarantine what should you do? what medicines to take? and what to look out for? all this advice, prescriptions and treatment of symptoms will be in this care plan and done remotely via our telemedicine platform

We are still an exclusive and a small medical facility and we can only take on a certain number of patients, so we will prioritise this care plan to relatives and friends of our members first, if you think this could benefit any of your loved ones, reach out through the concierge number or reply back to this post.

Stay safe and stay in touch, do not panic but remember that a pandemic with this level of health burden is to be respected


Dr. Elnazer

Founder & CEO

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