Learning to Co-exist with Corona, What does this Mean?

Dear Members,

Hope you are having a great start into the weekend, and hope you are staying safe and sound. Over the past weeks, our government has been conveying subtle messages on learning to co-exits with Corona, the first step was when the curfew was eased out at the start of Ramadan (opposite to what was expected), malls and shops were open, some government offices started functioning, and the follow through is tomorrow with hotels opening with a max of 25% occupancy and 50% in June if all goes well. There are also talks about curfew eased out more post Ramadan to take place from 11pm to 6 am (basically you have a curfew during your sleep hours) :)

How about Covid-19? how are we doing with the numbers?

Well, i am sure you are all following the massive surge that occurred through Ramadan after easing out restrictions a bit. Some may say and ask, ' numbers starting to drop over the past couple of days, is this a good sign?'

I hate to tell you that numbers dropping over the past days mean nothing. This is because, not only are we not widely testing but also there has been new testing restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Health. Two Major Executive decisions were taken last week, one is to restrict testing ordered by Doctors, it is to be ordered only if there are positive CT findings and blood work and need a sign off by two specialists in a designated hospital. The second is restricting the testing for medical personnels (after campaigning briefly for testing everyone).

Now what does the above mean to our current and future data/situation?

1- The numbers of new cases will not increase but actually the opposite might happen (of course this is false indication on actual drop of infection)

2- More medical personnel will infect each other and patients (you can see that, just this week two major hospitals were declared as an outbreak spots after the entire medical team becoming infected)

Of course there has been a lot of opposition and anger from the medical syndicate and community over the past decisions, some even went as far as accusing the government of tampering with numbers, i honestly do not think there is any intention of lying or tampering, i am not big on conspiracy but it is clear that, the health establishment is over stretched now and is running out of resources, i think this is an extension of its decision the past two of weeks restricting hospitals admission as well. In all cases, the reason or the logic behind this now, doesn't matter, what matters is what this would mean for you, for your safety and for your lifestyle.

Here is what the situation is in clear and confirmed points so that you can make an informed decision;

1- We are in stage 3 of the pandemic, and infection could come from anyone and anywhere, unfortunately, leaving your house will always be associated with a risk, there is no changing that, the only thing that can change is how big or small this risk would be and this will depend on your choices and actions.

2- There is no promising results for any of the drugs in any of the clinical trials in progress

3- The initial results for a vaccine study in Oxford show gives some hope, it was able to induce antibodies production in Monkeys, however, we still don’t know when and how it will affect humans, vaccines are tricky especially with a highly mutating virus, but lets stay hopeful.

4- The Economy will open again (already happening) not out of confidence and sense of safety but out of necessity, we are all aware how bad the Economics are worldwide now

5- The new normal will be, maintaining social distance, wearing a mask always, consistent hand washing AND more and more infections everyday and unfortunately more lost lives.

6- Your health is your wealth, you must stay in top shape and have all your systems in balance and in non-stress

7- You live in a country were people do not respect personal distance in public distance let alone social distance and the majority do not wear masks and cough or sneeze openly, so do not count on a lot on social collaboration to implant safety rules

8- Offices are going to be high risk areas even with social distancing, central ACs are hazardous and surfaces for common use are risk for contagion.

9- There is a big probability that a member of your household would get infected sometime in the future, please revert to the handouts we sent two months ago on how to handle that situation.

10- Your go to person with the development of any symptoms will be as always us at Revive, with the government new decisions of regulating and limiting testing and hospital admission , your care provider will be your primary person of contact and our remote monitory Covid-19 care plan ensures daily symptoms log in and daily contact with the medical team to treat your symptoms and to look out for any signs of criticality. we heard admission hospitals are nightmare so taking care of you at home if optional will be the right decision.

11- Travel, when open, will be a very high risk step but as always we will support on precautionary steps

12- Staying home is the norm and is the main part of your day to day, getting out is the exception and should be brief

Hope the above helps and please reach out anytime if you have any questions about Covid to the medical team or me through your Application.

Stay safe

Dr. Elnazer

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