How are we looking in Egypt (Covid-19 update)

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Hope your are having a slow and relaxing Friday. Wanted to keep you updated on whats new, as you know the information we get about Covid-19 is swift and constantly changing, so here is what's happening:

1- Good news is Things are looking less scary in Egypt in terms of anticipating a terrible spike over the past weeks, our daily new cases are increasing yes and they will remain so, but the spike that is dreadful to any country and the health system has not happened yet or hopefully will never happen.

Not so good news is that the Deaths rates are increasing! we still do not know if this is because we do not have a mass screening program and so those who seek hospital admission are usually really critical and hence the high mortality rate, or it is because our mortality rate is generally high when dealing with this disease. we still need more numbers to make sense of the ones we have.

Another not so good news is that it seems doctors and hospitals are clearly becoming hot spots for infection, while it is normal that during an outbreak the hospital and medical facilities are the highest in risk (thats why we changed to virtual to make sure you are safe) It is not expected that medial personnel are getting hit before flooding of hospitals with actual sick Covid 19 patients

2- Good news is that the government remains it's stand of strict curfew and social distancing and will not go into full lock down. There was no statement on why, but we are guessing that the non occurrence of a spike rate was a little reassuring and another huge reason is that economically it is really beyond difficult to put the whole country into more lock down.

Not so good news is that, infectivity is still going to be everywhere... transportation, supermarkets, work offices, and don't be mistaken and think that if the government did not issue a complete lock down then things are good, this is far from the truth, it is simply trying to keep the curve from rising too quickly while allowing people who must go to work and are on daily wages make ends meet.

3- Good News is we are getting a more understanding of the pathology of the disease. Initially, we thought patients go into a critical stage because the respiratory infection progresses to pneumonia which then leads to ARDS (Acute respiratory Distress syndrome) which has very high mortality, requires ventilation and most patients don't make it. Now we are seeing that this is not really what happens beneath, and that it is rather a disease of desaturation (meaning your red blood cells are unable to carry oxygen to take it to tissues) and this explains why there has been incidents of deaths in young and healthy individuals and there has been also incidents of sudden death (not a lot, so do not panic). This means that the lungs do not tire out (although this still could happen in chronic disease and elderly patients) but rather its the hemoglobin which the carries oxygen that's compromised.

Not so good news is that no one is really safe from this infection and how your body will respond does not only depend on age, underlying chronic diseases but also environment and genetic predisposition and that in many cases ventilators are not the life savior that everyone is fixated on.

4- Hydroxychloroquine and different anti virals are still in controversy and oddly many people still consider it a savior drug!! while this is still given in critical cases, it is not a treatment drug and there is still no evidence behind it, as a matter of fact the UK has banned its use in Covid 19 patients, because it made no difference between patients taking it and patients recovering on their own and not to mention its side effects. The reason why we still give it in many protocols worldwide is because of theories that it might work. These are also not given alone but as a part of a cocktail of other antibiotics, thrombolytics,...etc

Not so good news, nothing is really conclusive about any suggested medicines out there and whether or not they will work still needs more research.

Hope this was informative, feel free to share, Will keep you posted on Corona and all health matters, in the mean time, please.

Stay home Please and Stay Safe

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