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Dear Members,

As we anticipated few weeks back, a curfew was instilled and we are all obliged to follow, however, our advice is the same, stay home regardless of the curfew, the reason why this is important in the coming couple of weeks is because as we mentioned before the exponential growth (thats what makes us hold our breath) is estimated to be in full blown effect after the 1st week of April. So let's stay put till then.

There is now a Corona infection in 24 Governances from the 28 in Egypt. Staying at home will flatten the curve by decreasing transmission so we do not get many people sick at the same time which no Health System can accommodate.

Our new cases are averaged between 30-40 new cases a day and has been like this the past week, increasing but not at an exponential rate, also most these cases are sought after, meaning that the ministry of health actively investigate exposures for every positive case they have, we have not reached a stage yet were people are flooding into hospitals and the government is trying to prevent that.

Use your time at home to work on your health, physically, mentally and emotionally, create a structure to your day, this is very important, write a to do list but a to do list for your wellbeing and nourishment.

Stay in touch and check out the message from our CEO on how we are supporting during the current Health Crisis

Stayhome Staysafe

Revive Team

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