Egypt -the envy of the world. The very low number to almost non-existing covid?!
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Egypt -the envy of the world. The very low number to almost non-existing covid cases.?! yes we are lucky but hold that thought

Covid-19 is still here and many other countries still suffer from very high cases like the US, but in Egypt the situation is different; the low numbers of covid cases is something the whole world is noticing. You may wonder the cause of low numbers but the factors here are several and we’ll discuss some of them with you.

One of the main causes is the large percentage of young population in Egypt which represents 60%; this may be part of the cause in why Europe “the old continent” is suffering from the devastating numbers of covid cases.

Lower numbers may also have contributed to the immunity awareness campaigns which were launched by the ministry of health at the beginning of the virus to increase the immunity and how to wash hands properly and also quick intervention of lockdowns and schools shutdowns.

The screening process in Egypt is playing a big influential factor as well, if not the main factor really, as we know Egypt doesn't apply mass screening programs but act on target screening of suspected cases, Egypt also depends on clinical diagnosis criteria and not the PCR test results, which the government uses more as a confirmation and response to treatment indicator. Many covid cases also don’t need to be hospitalized as they have very mild symptoms. Some also fear going to hospitals due to the risk of infection or the hospital’s harsh environment.

The scientists also suggested that the covid-19 strain in Egypt is milder and not aggressive as in some countries, which resulted in a lower number of cases and fatality rate in comparison to Europe and the US.

Since Europe is in the middle of the second wave now, it is expected for the second wave to reach Egypt in the winter and with the decrease of protective measures of many individuals and lack of proper social distancing, the likelihood of the second wave increases. And as winter starts late in Egypt; we’ll need to be careful and take care of ourselves. The ministry of health got prepared for the second wave by increasing and preparing the hospitals. After all, the entire pandemic is still here and the ministry of health states they put it under control not abolished the virus. They still recommend wearing a mask and sanitizing your hand with soap or alcohol.

As in revive, we are still taking our precautions and safety measures if you decide to visit us, but most of our follow ups are on our online platform which will help you to get the best care without taking any risks. Don’t put your guard or your mask down. Stay safe, stay healthy

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