Egypt is Opening, Here are Key points to keep in mind for your Safety
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Dear Members,

As the world gradually opens up we need to keep in mind the risks of getting infected with COVID-19 as we go through our daily activities.

Running errands is inevitable, so we recommend a few things (based on the US Centre for Disease Control evidence on Coronavirus transmission) as you leave the safety of your home and go out.

Keep in mind:

  • The virus is transmitted by droplet. It takes ~1000 viral particles (vp) to be successfully infected with Coronavirus.
  • The virus particles are transmitted much more through sneeze (200 million vp/min) and cough (200 million vp/min) than through speaking (200 vp/min) and breathing (20 vp/min).
  • The risk of outdoor activities is much lower than that of indoor activities.
  • Longer exposure to people has a higher risk.
  • Gatherings in closed spaces are very high risk. Those places are poorly ventilated.
  • Wearing a mask and keeping 6 ft distance is still very important. It lowers the risk of transmission.
  • The risk of transmission through surfaces is very low.

And for these closed areas we have a few specific recommendations:

  • In transportation:

Whether it’s local transport or international; try to keep the longest distance allowed (in your means of transport) from the other passengers. And speaking should only be shortly through a mask for necessity.

  • In the mall:

It’s a closed area, so you need to keep your distance. But if you pass by someone, there’s still a low risk of transmission.

  • At the hairdresser’s:

You can speak from your 6 ft distance.

Keep your face mask and ask your hairdresser to wear one too.

Make sure you and the hairdresser do not speak when they approach you for your and their safety.

  • In the cinema:

It’s recommended not to speak as it’s a closed place and gathering there is considered risky.

  • Travelling:

Keep your 6 ft distance, especially if you’re travelling internationally and there are lines for waiting.

Check if the place of your accommodation applies distancing rules.

And try to use this chance for outdoors activities.

  • Restaurants:

Check if they apply the 6 ft rule between the tables.

Ask if the staff members use disposable utensils, or how they disinfect the utensils they have.

As you see we’ve repeated the distancing rule in every possible scenario because of its importance in such risky times. We hope you take all the means to stay safe.

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