Daily Choices and Routine to help you cope and Keep you Healthy (tried & tested)
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Hello Revivers,

Hope you are having a relaxing and smooth weekend, i have decided to make today’s post about actions, about things that i personally do to make sure i stay healthy (mentally, physically and spiritually) while still staying home to avoid infecting myself or anyone else.

We have been under home stay since mid March, working & living. This period of over 3 months is a good test run for what works and what doesn’t in terms of daily routines for health and coping tips during this surreal period of humanity.

Of course since you are all monitored and followed up by us, it is safe to say that your health is in good hands :) However, despite how detailed our treatment and health plans are, the execution is fully on you, and this is where this post would help, these tips and routines here are what i do on daily and weekly basis, whether it is the day to day stuff or the coping techniques i use when just like everyone else, i start getting anxious and bottled up from all the restrictions,

So, here is my general tried and tested tips:

1- Creating a structure to your day will really detach you from the craziness of the world, this structure should be dedicated to what your health and life priority is, but despite the personalized details for each, i found that creating a morning routine before facing your world and its obligations, not only prepares you and opens you to it, but also feeds your energy before you start injecting a big part of it to work, family, partner…etc my routine involves coffee, going over my to do list for the day, stretching for an hour (this really opens you up physically and mentally) then listening to your thoughts and mood (i.e. being mindful) and if something is striking or loud enough is to take over your morning, write it down and understand it, you will be surprised at how you dilute its effect when you do this and instead of reacting to it, you respond to it.

2- Set a certain time for work, it is tricky to work from home as this can extend to all day and all week if you do not schedule things properly, make your working hours in the time of the day where you are most energized and bright, this time zone differs from one person to another, thats why there are early birds and night owls, we do not have to be all the same but we should all feel great and energized during that time.

3- Count your calories, yes, you heard me right, although i have always discouraged using this method for weight loss, we are actually using it for weight maintenance, you will notice that, even if you are consuming same meals and snacks everyday (as pre Home stay), you have gained few pounds, and this makes a lot of sense, the reason for this is because your movement have dropped massively, so your caloric need will also drop, so if you are following your usual healthy diet, you will still gain weight. What i did is figured out what my BMR is and accordingly my daily caloric requirements and then i cut that a bit according to my movement. sounds complex? it is to be honest a little annoying especially to persons like me who hate numbers but there are many Apps out there that would help with tracking your in take and adjust it according to your movement, my fitness pal is what i currently use

4- Move, right now this is the objective, it is not the fitness, nor the muscles, as much as the movement, i am talking about the bare minimum. of course if you are minded by keeping your fitness on track, then good for you but for the rest of us, it needs a little planning. i was speaking with Dr Omenya on our team & my partner the other day, and i used the example of spaceship exercise programs, where you are required to move daily not to look and feel better per se but to prevent muscle atrophy, while we won’t reach that extreme, we will still get affected by lack of movement, you might notice more bone cracking sounds, more muscle and joint pains….etc. make sure you complete at least 5 kilos a day as a minimum, either walking in your compound, street or even malls (provided you are wearing a mask and taking precautions). again there are many apps out there to help you count steps, even your smart phone does that. (Do Not Wear Mask while Exercising, we are referring to light walking here)

5- Monitor your sleep, many of us are now having anxiety, and the first thing it hits, is sleep, monitor your hours, pattern, how you feel when you wake up. When we get this info, we can help choose the best tricks for you to get a sound sleep, sometimes its very simple steps and sometimes it needs medications/supplements. the important thing is to monitor it and share this info with us. i asses my sleep (besides counting the hours), by how i feel in the morning, ideally you wanna feel energetic and alert.

6- Eat clean, i am not a big fan of following a specific diet (unless ordered in your treatment), it is usually difficult to sustain and leaves out the influence of your mood and your innate needs that shapes your cravings, i am a proponent of intuitive eating (provide your cravings are not influenced by hormonal & biochemical imbalances).Generally, i follow two rules, eat clean (no preservatives, added sugar, chemicals) and follow the plate method in each meal, your plate should be divided into (half vegetables, quarter protein, quarter carbs) when you do this, you won’t over eat, you will complete all your Macros and will have all varieties of food to eat from. With snacks, try to go for low calorie ones, my favorite is popcorn.

7- Set a day once a week to reconnect with family and friends, even if we are socially distancing, we should emotionally stay close and in touch, call your friends, families, team member especially if you are working remotely.

8- Set one day a week to be yours completely and to practice any hobby you have or even just watch shows that entertain you and pamper yourself anyway possible. This could be the day where you cook and indulge in treats you enjoy.

9- Get some daily Sun

10 - Supplement daily (definitely included in your treatment, just don’t skip it)

Hope this helps and inspire you a bit to construct your day to day to serve you and handle all your greatness and weakness.

Have a beautiful weekend

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