Covid Update and How We are Operating currently

Dear Members,

Operations update:

We are still taking full measures to keep our staff and patients safe, now that Egypt has officially opened up.

Here are a few moderations in our system, these changes shall remain for as far as we intend to carry on with our work:

-Our functioning capacity for in-person care shall be reduced to 20%, which is for the physical examination.

-A lot of our work was carried with efficiency via our virtual platform even before the Pandemic, thus we have no problem moving all the consultations and follow-ups into it except for the physical exam part, do not forget that speaking is the highest form of infection transmission, thats why, unless absolutely necessary, we will continue to run our follow ups virtually.

-We've included a triage for respiratory tract infection symptoms before setting the appointment for someone.

-We emphasize the safety precautions taken in the clinic before the appointment.

-We discourage speaking, as the virus is transmitted via droplet, to keep the safety of the physicians and the patients.

-The clinic goes through a strict sanitation process before and after each visit, to ensure everyone's safety.

COVID-19 update:

  • The WHO has released a new guidance regarding the airborne transmission of the virus on the 9th of July. Thus it's even more recommended to keep face masks on and apply all the social distancing rules in your capability.
  • As far as research went, there's still little solid proof regarding vaccines. Four companies are getting approval from the FDA to start clinical trials on humans within the upcoming months, and some are still in clinical trial. Most of the research is based on vaccine trials against older strains of the coronavirus, specifically the SARS and MERS.
  • Treatment protocol is still mainly supportive as the symptoms and response varies from person to another, despite the trials trying to solidify whether plasma or other drugs may be therapeutic.
  • While cases are decreasing in Egypt, it will be more reassuring to see if this trend will continue over the coming period post opening of everything (we really hope we stay on the decrease)
  • There are some fears regarding the long term effects of COVID-19 infection. Even after recovery some people of varying age groups may develop serious conditions for an indefinite period of time. To name a few:
  1. Lung scarring
  2. Heart injury
  3. Strokes, blood clotting and embolisms
  4. Neurological and psychological effects
  5. Childhood inflammatory response
  6. Effects on male fertility

In conclusion, regardless of how countries are opening up, understand that this virus is staying with us for a minimum of 1 year if not more, exercise caution and do not take it lightly despite false sense of security that might be ignited by all the opening happening, 50 states in the US are going back into closing again after massive surge in cases when they opened up.

We are Here for you ALWAYS

Revive Team

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