Covid 19- Alert - organization statement

Dear Members,

You have recently received a notification that we are still adhering to no in house visits unless absolutely necessary. Our model of care delivery has been built on virtual and physical clinic follow ups, this ensured practicality and easiness of your engagement, having to stick to all your year planned follow ups has never been easier, we have seen patients doing their follow on their way to work in the back seat, in Sahel vacation and even out of Egypt. With the start of Covid- 19 we have transformed the clinic encounters to 100% virtual to ensure safety and contain the risk of infection. We are so proud to say that we managed to have zero cases of infection from Revive clinical premises as patients or staff.

Since July with things opening up, we started inviting members back to physical clinics and also some of the follow ups that did not require a physical exam, i guess we all miss our community and the interaction between our members and providers over a cup of tea or coffee. However, lately we have seen massive rise in numbers of patients within our community and their families getting infected, our staff of Doctors also have noticed this rise again in hospitals. This is coinciding with the increase in government official numbers (Albeit being still in the low) and the world preparing for a second wave.

As an organization that takes these matters seriously from the early beginning of the pandemic, the sum of the previous observations have led to the decision of going back to the full functioning of the virtual clinics except when there is absolute necessity for a physical clinic and exam.

The decision on such will always be guided by your provider, and any patient coming in will be triaged and apply our covid safety protocol

We would also like to inform you that our Covid monitoring plan for our patients suspected of infection or are in fact infected is still in place.

Stay safe and always reach out to us for any questions or support needed.

Dr. Zeyada

Chief Medical Officer

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