Corona update (what we know so far Internally and Globally)

Dear Members:

So Corona outbreak is officially in Egypt! This is after much skepticism about government statements saying we are a Corona free zone

Here are some important info about the current state of the virus, this info is studied and filtered from all the media that's either magnifying panic or diminishing seriousness of the this situation

1- China's cases of covid-19 are finally declining! which is a proof that fast action and organization does play an important role in containment. But what's important about this news is knowing that, it is POSSIBLE....This is excellent for the rest of the world, not only from an economic perspective but also knowing that a protocol of a successful approach is there for reference and support. We hope that this is what our minister of health was doing in china last week, discussing their approach and exploring how to replicate it in case the need arise.

2- The most common symptoms for Corona are Fever and Dry cough, many people do not know that and still think its a runny nose and colds.

3- There have been ongoing arguments about how fatal this virus is, we still need more data to unfold in more than one country to decide on that. In China the fatality is 1% (excluding the initial 3.8% in Wuhan when it was still and epidemic) but this low fatality is because china knows how to deal with this outbreak and treat people, so we still need to see how that number will look like in other parts of the world. my guess is it will be higher than 1% and will decline as the learning curve goes up, which i hope will be fast enough.

4- Unlike the Influenza virus, Corona doesn't seem to infect children as it does with adults, actually children seem to be spared, also the virus seems to be fatal for older individuals not the young.

5- infection in the presymptomatic period is not as impactful in the spread of infection as it is in the influenza, so far we know that some carriers shed the virus 24-48 hrs only before the onset of their own symptoms.

6- Data Suggests that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% severe and 5% critical needing ventilations.

7-The test for Coronavirus is now available in Central labs and the government has set up a hotline for citizens to call for themselves or suspected cases, dial 105.

Hope this info helps and we will keep you posted on any important Health updates, Corona or other.


Dr. Elnazer


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