Brace yourself, the coming 2 weeks are critical!!

Dear Members,

Please Excuse us if our messages lately have been a bit grim over the situation, but as you know, our organization is always driven by data, science and best practices.

The attached curve shows why we are really concerned, it shows an exponential increase in the number of cases since the first one. In Medicine, rate is as important as number, and this graph not only shows a big jump but also follows a very similar pattern of progress of disease as other countries that were hit hard. This pattern shows that this virus shoots a couple of bullets initially and then goes into a full fledged attack, and this is anticipated the coming couple of weeks. The coming couple of weeks are critical so brace yourself.

Why are the coming weeks critical?

1- It goes with the statistical pattern we discussed above

2- Many of the infected individuals would have completed their 2 weeks incubation period and will start symptomatising

3- Large numbers of those presenting with the disease will be critical, yes we have high percentage of youth population but we have a very high rate of chronic disease in non elderly individuals, almost 50% if not more

4- Until now, people are breaking all recommendations and guidelines and are still mingling and crowding

5- Critical care beds in Egypt are 10,000 in public sector and 5,000 in private so you can imagine the nightmare

I want you to prepare for full quarantine the coming period, and yes i know it sounds ominous but it is my job to keep you informed and translate all science and data out there that will protect your health and wellness. This has been my constant message over the past couple of posts, quarantine will come despite our wants and likes.

How to prepare?

1- Only leave the house now to get basic needs, do not panic shop, just the basic stuff, even if martial law is applied, food stores and pharmacies will stay functioning

2- Have a first aid med kit, you only need Panadol (no burden or NSAIDS), some vitamin C, decongestants , mucolytics and broad spectrum antibiotics in case secondary bacterial infection occurs if you have symptoms

3- If you have symptoms, self isolate within the quarantine and inform us

How did we prepare?

1- We changed all our clinics to virtual now, you can do your follow ups, prescription, treatment, blood work and payments online through your app

2- We have created a respiratory monitoring plan for any patient who will develop symptoms, this will include daily follow ups, daily trackers for specific vitals (you will be sent reminders to add them in) and a supportive treatment plan by our doctors

3- We are available around the clock to answer your consults and do instant vide calls as needed

4- We are hosting a consultant pediatrician on board so we can provide a full integrated family service,on our virtual platform. This is to support kids younger than 11 years of age when you can not physically bring them to the office

5- We created a remote care plan and consult for non members (your family and friends) on line, if they need medical support during isolation or simply need consults

I Don't want you to panic but i want you to prepare, Mentally and Physically . Mental strength and resilience is key during these times of crisis.

I hope the numbers will be wrong or won't be so bad, let's all hope.

Stay Safe and Stay Home,

Dr. Elnazer

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