​Covid-19 updates: Government precautions while expecting the second wave - Vacc

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Winter has arrived and as expected, the cases are rising. Since the beginning of November, numbers jumped quickly to reach the highest in 3 months, and the government is now urging us to get back on applying precautionary measures. And even with the high recovery rate, covid-19 may cause serious post-infection symptoms.

The minister of health, Hala Zayed, is taking actions to lessen or hopefully avoid the effect of the second wave that is expected to start at the end of this month. She started to call on companies to split coworkers between shifts to decrease the numbers of staff in workplaces. The government will also apply new closing hours for shop malls, restaurants, and cafes at the beginning of December.

The Covid-19 vaccine race is still on track among pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer has recently announced that their vaccine achieved 90% effectiveness and by the coming weeks we will know more details about the vaccine effectiveness and possible side effects. Moderna is another company with promising news.

While the race of the vaccine is still going, Covid-19 is showing some complications that scientists are recording every day. The patients who recovered from the virus are going back to the hospital with strange symptoms, some may be reversible but others may become a long-term problem like having diabetes.

Patients with diabetes are known to be more prone to the virus but the link could be both ways. Patients with past covid infection come to hospitals with diabetic emergencies without them having any history or risk of diabetes. Patients are also reporting other strange symptoms like skin rashes, heart problems, anxiety, hair loss, and even memory lapses.

Doctors are now asking individuals to get back into taking the precautionary measures as it's expected for the number of cases to be doubled in December. Scientists are saying that wearing a mask can be more effective than any vaccines now. Going back to the hard days of quarantine is something no one wants and this won't happen if all of us stick to wearing a mask, washing hands, disinfecting belongings, and maintaining social distancing. We in Revive hope everyone to be strong and stay safe.

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